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Water Repellent

At your option, dry blankets or sheets receive a quality, eco-friendly, spray-on, water repellent to the exterior. This application allows your horsewear to repel water, yet remain breathable and will keep your horse comfortable and dry.

Water repellent benefits

Adds or restores water repellency
Protection against rain, water, stains & mold
Maintains breathability
No odor, yellowing, or stiffening
Water-based, NOT solvent based
Does not harm existing water repellency that may be built into the blanket

Environmental advantages

Our waterproofing:

Is a water-based liquid concentrate
Is safe for the environment
contains no heavy solvents and is safe for children and pets
Note: We also do water repellent on canvas boat covers, car covers, Carhart clothing, sleeping bags, and other hunting / camping equipment and clothing.

Water repellent FAQ's

How can I tell if my blanket or sheet will repel water?

Lay the blanket out flat and sprinkle a few ounces of water on the exterior. Check to see if the water soaked through the blanket into or through the inside liner.

Often times, new blankets have a built in water repellent from the manufacturer, which may be guaranteed. Why use water repellent on your blankets or sheets?

The fabric in blankets or sheets that have been washed several times may lose their water repellency and may not provide adequate protection.

How do I know if my blanket or sheet needs to have water repellent treatment?

If water appears to soak into the surface of your blanket or sheet you may need to apply a water repellent to the exterior. Although, water may appear to be soaking through the top surface, some blankets or sheets have a rubberized underside, which may protect against complete soak through. But, it can be difficult to know this unless you have a tear or hole for inspection. If you are in doubt, let us repel the blanket or sheet for you.

A few words on blanket materials

Many of the newer style, high quality blankets and sheets use high tech materials such as nylon or tightly weaved fabrics and provide a good level of water repellency. Some have waterproofing built into these newer materials. Some also have Teflon coatings to repel stains and dirt. Because of these newer blanket materials, water repellency may last from 2 to 3 years.

Manufacturer guarantees and warranties

Most blanket manufacturers have good warranties against defects in materials & workmanship. Most do not have any warranty or guarantee for water repellent or water proofing, nor does Horse and Hound Blanket HQ. Manufacturers seem to find it difficult to guarantee a horse blanket/sheet coating, which is exposed to extreme outdoor elements for long periods of time.

Most manufacturers won’t cover wear and tear items, i.e. rips, tears, bites, rolling on the ground/in the mud, causing broken straps, buckles, clips, etc.