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Cleaning your horse wear consists of the use of a washing machine using cold water. We use a mild, eco-friendly detergent that we make. This in-house detergent has been successfully used for years with great results in removal of stains and odors. If preferred, we will use your detergent.

Our full cleaning includes

A complete wash cycle using only cold water.
Blankets are hung and air dried.
Extra Detailing: Excess horse hair / debris cleaning & detailing: Detailing includes cleaning horse hair, straw & debris from Velcro attachments. Occasionally, an excessive amount of horse hair will require extra cleaning time. As a result, a charge of $7.50 will apply. The customer will be notified ahead of time to approve this charge.
Buckles, swivel clips, surcingle and leg straps and other hardware is checked to ensure good functionality. If we see something that needs attention we will call you before any repair.
Horse wear is then folded neatly and placed in a clear plastic bag along with a blank Service Tag for your next visit. Finally, your bagged horse wear is labeled with your name for your pick up or pre-arranged delivery.

Drop off locations

Ormond Hay and Feed
3167 FL-40
Ormond, FL 32174
Choice Awards
12144 SE-301
Belleview, FL 34420
Tune ups Veterinary Equine Dentistry and Services
16400 W Highway 318
Williston, FL 32696

Cleaning FAQ 1

How often should I have my horse blanket or sheet cleaned?

At least yearly, but more often depending on winter conditions. If the horse blanket or sheet becomes muddy or caked with manure, etc., certainly more often. When these materials are left on the horse blanket for extended periods of time staining may occur and may not wash out. At a minimum, as soon as the winter temperature breaks and it is no longer necessary to blanket the horse, come in for horse blanket cleaning. Immediately doing horse blanket cleaning ensures that excrement, urine and mud will not stain, fade or breakdown the fabric. This will extend the life of your horse blanket.
If you live in a long winter climate… have a spare blanket, then get horse blanket cleaning about every 6 months. This will allow the horse blanket to recover.
Blankets absorb sweat, dirt, excrement, urine, blood- this causes bacteria and an unhealthy condition for your horse. You may wish to consider washing more often.
Never put a dirty blanket that has been sitting over the summer back on a horse. Also, never put a blanket on a different horse other than its previous owner. Give us an opportunity to clean the blanket for you.
Eventually a blanket that has not been cleaned for years will likely dry rot, fabric will have broken down and the fabric may not hold water repellent.

Cleaning FAQ 2

Why should you not wash your blanket in your small residential top load or front load washing machine?

Home washers cannot support the weight of a wet blanket and will ultimately cause severe damage your machine and will likely destroy the drum and/or bearings prematurely. Wet horse blankets can weigh as much as 75 lbs. per blanket, and residential washers are not designed for this weight.
Excess horse hair may clog your washer’s drain system.
Metal buckles will scratch and may dent the porcelain tubs and cause rust. This will show up on future washing of whites with rust spots on them.
Most Laundromats will not allow Horse Blanket washing.
Never dry horse blankets in a dryer. Blankets and sheets are made of a variety of fabrics, which may scorch, burn or stain. Dryers get extremely hot and may melt the fabric.
Always line (air) dry horse blankets.
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