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Superior Wash
Quality Repairs
Water Repellent Treatment
Pick-up and Delivery Available for Barns

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Superior Wash
Quality Repairs
Water Repellent Treatment
Pick-up and Delivery Available for Barns

Washing and Drying

Have your horse blanket cleaning done the way you want, with our mild detergent or yours in a large commercial washing machine with cold water. We then hang and air-dry all horsewear.
Cleaning Services


We all know horses are tough on their apparel and rips and tears are common. If your horsewear requires repair, kindly write a description on your Service Tag and drop it in the bag with your blanket or pin the Service tag to the blanket/sheet/etc.

To save us both time you may authorize your repair $30 and under, by placing your initials in the space provided. and checking the repair box. If your repair cost is estimated to be over $30, we will give you a call and we’ll explain why the repair may be more. As part of our process we inspect all blankets for needed repairs and give you a call if we find anything! Our minimum repair charge is $10.00 (price does not include replacement parts – straps, buckles, etc). If we can make a repair with a good, used piece of hardware or material, we do not charge for these pieces.
Repair Services

Water Repellent

At your option, dry blankets may receive a quality sprayed-on water repellent. We also do water repellent on canvas boat covers, car covers, Carhart clothing, sleeping bags, and other hunting / camping equipment and clothing.
Water Repellent Services


After your horse blanket cleaning is complete, horsewear is then folded neatly and placed in a clear plastic bag. Your bagged horsewear is labeled with your name and we include a Service Tag for the next time you need to use our service.

Picking Up Your Completed Order

Give us a call, we are happy to make an appointment and arrange a convenient time.

Note: Any blankets not picked up within a 60 day period from order completion will be placed in longer term storage at a cost of $2/week per piece.


Not local? Not a problem! You may wish to ship your horsewear to us for service. We will be happy to wash, repair, etc and return your horsewear promptly. A shipping fee will be applied to the overall charge.

Our Ship To address is:

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