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We all know horses are tough on their apparel and rips and tears are
common. If your horsewear requires repair, kindly write a description
on your Service Tag and drop it in the bag with your blanket or pin the
Service tag to the blanket/sheet/etc.
To save us both time you may authorize your repair $30 and under, by
placing your initials in the space provided and checking the repair box.

Wash Before Repair Policy

Because repairs and stitching often times involve an expensive industrial sewing machine, no repairs will be performed without the blanket or item being washed first. Thank you for your understanding.

Horsewear Repair Directions


Service Tags

Please check the repair box and write a description on your Service Tag.

Please check the repair box and write a description on your Service Tag.

Download Service Tags

Authorize Repair

Please initial that you authorize up to $30 in repair labor charges (1 hour labor) by checking the appropriate box. If your repair takes longer than 1 hour, we will call or text to explain why the repair may be more. If the repair takes less time we charge the lesser amount taken to repair your blanket, which you have already pre-approved by checking the appropriate box on the service tag.

Tag Your Items

Drop the tag in the bag or pin tag to your horsewear. As part of our process we inspect all blankets for needed repairs and give you a call if we find anything! We look for obvious functional problems. We do not nit-pick!!!! Our minimum repair charge of $10 does not include replacement parts – straps, buckles, swivel clips and etc. We offer free estimates prior to repair, if you prefer.
Although, we carry an array of buckles, swivel clips, D-rings, etc., if we don’t have a specific style of hardware or material in inventory to repair your horse wear, we can quickly obtain it.

Often times we have a good used piece of material and hardware in inventory and if we can make a repair using these good, used pieces of hardware or material, we do not charge for these materials.

Drop off locations

Ormond Hay and Feed
3167 FL-40
Ormond, FL 32174
Choice Awards
12144 SE-301
Belleview, FL 34420
Tune ups Veterinary Equine Dentistry and Services
16400 W Highway 318
Williston, FL 32696

Donor Horsewear / Recycling / Repurposing

Often times, we are able to repair your horse wear without charging you for patching or hardware materials. We can do this because we accept your worn out, torn and disposable blankets & sheets. We salvage good usable hardware & strap material from these discarded blankets and successfully reuse these parts and materials. Only quality, durable pieces are reused. Help us, help you recycle!

We can fix other stuff too!

We can repair a variety of items with our industrial sewing machine. Examples: Some tents, canvas, boat covers and canopies, Carhartt clothing and other heavy duty wearables and associated items. Give us a call with your questions.
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