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Get the most use of your products
Blankets (turnout/stable)
Sheets (turnout/stable/fly)
Saddle Pads (basic thin)
Each Additional Saddle Pad
Thick Saddle Pad (Western/English)
Hood/Neck Cover
Leg Wraps (pair)
Shipping Boots (pair)
Extra Detailing (Excess horse hair / debris cleaning & detailing)
Expert Fabrics Knowledge
High Powered Machines
Eco-Friendly Detergents
Cleaning Services


Repair and save
Minimum Repair Charge
Does not include replacement parts (straps, buckles, etc.)
Other Repairs
We can repair a variety of items with our industrial sewing machine. Examples: Some tents, canvas, boat covers and canopies, Carhartt clothing and other heavy duty wearables and associated items. Give us a call with your questions.
Specialized Machines
Expert Repairs
Quality Materials
repair services

Water Repellent

Protection against rain, water, stains & mold
Water Repellent (per item)
Repellent (w/hood or neck cover)
Maintains Breathability
No Odor or Yellowing
Safe for the Environment
Water RepellEnt Services
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